Alibi Picks

An Artful Procession

A few art happenings around town

"Moon Swell" by Raul Dorn

As the desert winds pick up, bringing on a touch of precipitation that coats our fair skies, making our clouds loom large, it's only natural that we should seek shelter. That we should turn ourselves inward and peer inside our own spirits, our own being. And what better way to do that than by attending an array of art openings happening in the Duke City on Friday, Aug. 7. You can attend the Candy Gore opening reception at Stranger Factory (3411 Central NE) at 6pm, which features custom vinyl works and other original creations by Rich Monanari and Brandt Peters.

You can also catch a glimpse of Angus Macpherson's captivating landscapes at his Skyscapes opening at Sumner & Dene (517 Central NW), which'll also have a book signing. That starts at 5pm. If you're still jonesing for a visual representation of mankind's many endearing facets, jog on over to Matrix Fine Art (3812 Central SE, Suite 100A) for the opening of Freedom and Constraint, which'll display fused glass works by Lisa Chernoff and new paintings by Rachel Popowcer and Raul Dorn. Mind you, these are just a few openings that night, a minor glimpse of the external to sate any internal woes. Check the Alibi calendars for more artful happenings around town. Matrix Fine Art • Fri Aug 7 • 5-8pm • free • View on Alibi calendar