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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Solving a Haunting


New Mexico, with its milky clay skies and tiny ghost towns, is charming and creepy. History has left scars and badges of honor on our beautiful state, and with any kind of historically significant event comes untold stories, mysteries, folklore and alleged hauntings. This Saturday, Aug. 29 from 7pm to 8pm join the Southwestern Ghost Hunter’s Association at Elena Gallegos Picnic Area (7100 Tramway NE) for "Solving a Haunting," a lecture sure to creep you out, entice you and hopefully educate you on what exactly it means to solve hauntings, and maybe even give you a little more information about some very well known hauntings in our beautiful home state. It’s like "Unsolved Mysteries," except in the Foothills and not a television show. The lecture is open to detectives of all ages and parking costs $2 per vehicle. Bring your kids, bring your neighbors, bring your conspiracy theorist uncle and make a night out of it. For more information visit Elena Gallegos Picnic Area • Sat Aug 29 • 7-8pm • $2 per vehicle • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar