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The Value of Caring for Carrion

International Vulture Awareness Day

It’s not easy being bald, out for blood and vilified by everyone around you. Vultures, though an integral part of our ecosystem, are not everyone’s favorite bird. Where young children marvel at the neon pink whimsy of flamingos, grown adults glare and detest the complicated and often misunderstood bird of prey. Coined “Nature’s garbage men,” the vulture does a bang-up job of keeping the ecosystem clean by eating animals that are already dead.

These earthly janitors get a bad reputation, but the ABQ BioPark Zoo (903 10th Street SW) wants to help rectify their gloomy persona. With vulture populations nearing extinction, Albuquerque’s Zoo hopes to educate all of us on just how important these animals are to our ecosystem and show us how to help restore their livelihood. The Zoo will be celebrating International Vulture Awareness Day from 10am to 4pm this Saturday, Sept. 5, with the festivities included in general admission. Visit for more information. ABQ BioPark Zoo • Sat Sep 5 • 10am-2pm • Included with regular admission • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar