All About That Washtub Bass

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All About That Washtub Bass

Ben Miller Band • rock, bluegrass, blues

Paul Moore

What do junk stores and Ozark grunge have in common? The answer is the Ben Miller Band! The ensemble's creative use of washtubs, old telephones and washboards came from creative inspiration—or because they were flat broke and had to use what they could find to make the sounds they wanted. But it doesn't matter. The Ben Miller Band is a singular group of Americana musicians made up of Ben Miller, Doug Dicharry and Scott Leeper. They can be seen at Low Spirits (2823 Second NW) on Wednesday Sept. 23, at 9pm.

Bass player Leeper plays the daylights out of his washtub bass while Dicharry plays trombone, washboard, electric spoons and so many other creative instruments you won't be able to keep up. And Ben Miller—as the creative genius of the band—sings lead vocals and writes most of the unit's honestly plaintive and powerful songs. Tickets cost ten bucks for this 21+ trip towards gritty, mud-stomping tuneage from the heart of the country. Low Spirits • Wed Sep 23 • 9pm • $10 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar