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Miyazaki’s Spirited Away This Weekend

Oscar-winning Anime on the big screen

This trailer is Japanese, but the print this weekend will undoubtedly be the (totally decent) Disney dubbed version.

The Guild Cinema continues its commendable big-screen animation run with a repertory screening of Hayao Miyazaki’s stunning Spirited Away. Even on a beat-up VHS copy this is a great film, chock full of persistent Miyazakian themes (self-reliance, transformation, spirituality), but the big screen is the best canvas for appreciating Studio Ghibli’s breathtaking methods of bringing finely-observed moments of motion to life. Like any great fairy tale, this one can be scary (it’s rated PG), but that’s why it’s so great.

Spirited Away (PG, 2002) • Saturday April 24 and Sunday April 25, 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

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