This Week's Arts & Lit: The ray of creative light that is Revolutions Int'l Theater Fest begins...

Mump and Smoot, Canadian masters of clowning
Mump and Smoot, Canadian masters of clowning
Courtesy of Tricklock

The dark depths of winter are upon us and so is Tricklock Company's 11th annual Revolutions International Theater Festival—a ray of creative light shining throughout the city for the rest of January.

Performance Preview: Tricklock’s Revolutions festival ushers in theater from Albuquerque to Armenia

Revolutions: The schedule

Perhaps the neatest thing about Revolutions is that it doesn’t just cater to one type of theater. Comedy and drama appear in equal measure—as do nonverbal physical theater, puppetry, cerebral experimental pieces, clowning and stand-up. This year, we’re presented with clowns from a parallel universe, an eco-activist’s struggle with her convictions and her actions, and daydreaming maids. If that doesn’t strike your fancy there’s also a multimedia hip-hop experience, a collection of stories examining fatherhood, a tale of post-Katrina survival and a look at Philadelphia’s killing epidemic of 2008.