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LULZ, with Ian Douglas Terry and Zach Reinert

Zach Reinert
Zach Reinert
Ryan Brackin

A few weeks ago, comedian Ian Douglas Terry tweeted, “The first year of Crom there were 37 comedians ... this year there are 130+. Same amount of staff and slightly more sponsors. I'm an idiot.” Crom is a yearly DIY comedy festival that Terry, along with fellow Omaha native Zach Reinert, started in 2013.

This year there are two fests: one in Omaha and the other in the southwestern comedy mecca Denver. As one of the few comedy fests that encourage diversity, Crom has a very alternative feel to it. “Punk rock changed my life when I was a cool teen,” says Terry. “And comedy is changing my life in my 30's. It would be cool to encourage more non-white/straight/males to pursue it so the voices become more varied.”

Although they collaborate frequently, these two could not be more different. Reinert is known for his sharp and dry one-liners whereas Terry describes his comedy as “Story telling punctuated with the occasional joke.” Reinert is a comedy beast in 140 characters. His tight, polished and concise writing creates dark jokes like, “There is a fine line between being a surrogate mom and just straight up selling a baby, and apparently that line is that I'm a man.”

Terry on the other hand is a little looser in his performance. “I used to be terrified of not being perceived as a stand up comedian because I would lean towards the more experimental side of things,” says Terry. “But now it isn't really a concern. There's so many different paths and ways to pursue comedy and that's what keeps it exciting.” The paths that Terry and Reinert have taken with comedy are different but they both reflect their DIY roots and weird, absurd tendencies. “When an audience sees my set I just want them to leave thinking, 'man, those were some really dumb jokes he got me to laugh at,’” says Reinert, “and I'm glad we didn't murder him.'”

As a pre-Crom fest show, Terry and Reinert are bringing their punk comedy to the monthly Meow Wolf sponsored show LULZ at Skylight (139 W. San Francisco St.) in Santa Fe on Saturday, April 18, at 8pm.

with Ian Douglas Terry and Zach Reinert Saturday, April 18, 8pm

SkyLight 139 W. San Francisco St. Santa Fe Tickets: $8 505-982-0775

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