The First New Roger Zelazny Novel in 15 Years

Purely by accident, in the Mystery Section of a local bookstore (and I'm not a big mystery fan, but a loud weird-out-nerd-out conversation in the Science Fiction section forced me over a couple of aisles. Guys, keep it down, there are girls in here), I noticed a spine with " Zelazny" on it. Turns out it was a manuscript discovered posthumously in Zelazny's piles, lost for 30 years. That's from around the time of My Name is Legion but it's not science fiction; it's a spy/crime/adventure novel, and that's fine with me. I've said it before: nobody writes a classier fight scene than Zelazny, and few manage to propel a story with mystery as well as he did. Anyway, I haven't read it yet because I'm bogged down in Jungle Tales of Tarzan (haha) but at least I have something to look forward to besides drinking and getting made fun of for reading books with monsters on the cover.