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Sergio looks like he could lift your coffee table.


Get Help Moving from the New Mexico Lottery

Are you planning on moving to a new apartment? If so, Sergio Gutierrez just won a new truck. He won it with a $3 “Bucks & Trucks” scratcher he bought at an Allsup’s in Santa Fe because his wife didn’t pack him a lunch (again). Sergio is reportedly so happy he could cry, but is aware of the social taboos against it.

This is not to say that Sergio is volunteering to help you move, either. I’m just saying he won a truck, so if you know him … it wouldn’t hurt to ask. If he says no, you can always try to win a truck yourself. Also, I have a kid at UNM, so I think scratchers are cool. Everybody buy scratchers.

“Alibi: Let’s Break Each Other’s Hearts” by Damien DeMenno, 2011’s first place winner


We Want Your Bloody Valentine: Deadline Extended!

Alibi's 11th Annual Valentine's Day Card Contest is on

Love may be multidimensional, but let’s get two-dimensional: Alibi's 11th Annual Valentine's Day Card Contest has gone all digital.


Enter MLK’s 23rd annual essay scholarship competition.

(High school students only)

The Martin Luther King Jr Multicultural Council has announced that is accepting applications for its 23rd annual essay scholarship competition.

The scholarships are $1,000 each and will be awarded to New Mexico 2013 -14 high school seniors. Using one of many images provided, applicants will write a 500-word essay that details their personal experience in relationship to Dr. King's life, his actions or ideals.

Those selected will be honored Monday, January 20, 2014, during the Council's 24th annual celebration. Last year the Council awarded 28 New Mexico students with scholarships.

All completed application packets must be submitted by mail to P.O. Box 40306, Albuquerque, NM 87196 no later than Sept. 9, 2013. For more information, contact Jewel Hall at 505-994-2335 or or visit


Free Neil Young tickets

Respond now and win!

If you feel like rockin’ for free in the free world, comment on this blog post with a favorite Neil Young quote or anecdote. The first five to answer the call will be rewarded with plus-one passes to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse at the Hard Rock Pavilion on Friday, August 3. If you’re not a registered Alibi user, you’ll need to do that to enter. (Also send your full name, user name and a number we can reach you at to

And in the meantime, give Neil’s latest album Americana a listen. I’ve been blaring it all week, and the 1800s never sounded so badass.

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Calling all artists

The Alibi’s Best of Art contest is winding down, but there’s still time to submit work that could be printed as a full page in our annual Best of Burque issue. So what’s your incentive? A little cash, some nifty gift certificates and big-time exposure. All you need to do is provide a rough sketch and an example or two of your work. We’ll accept submissions through tomorrow morning. Full details here.

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Get full-page spreads of your artwork in the Alibi ... for free

We had a new idea this year for our annual Best of Burque issue. We’d like local artists to grace the sections of our most popular issue with original content. The guidelines are linked below, but the gist is that you send me a proposal and some sample work by March 14. If we like your idea, we’ll give you $25 for materials as well as an undetermined gift prize. Those incentives are nice, but the reall kicker is that you get a full page representing your creative style to be spread across the 505. Check out the full guidelines in this week’s Culture Shock: See your work in the Alibi’s Best of Burque issue

“156:365:2010” by Elaine Russell


Enter the Alibi Photo Contest 9.0

Once again, the Alibi is offering a heap of prizes and opportunities to have your photography published as part of our annual Photo Contest. So join our Flickr group and start uploading. All the info you’ll need is in the above link. And for inspiration, here’s a taste of last year’s winners.


Hey, you! Sign up for the Alibi Scavenger Hunt!

The hundreds of folks who’ve done it already will tell you: Our annual Scavenger Hunt is an insane amount of sleep-deprived, only-in-Albuquerque-moments-filled fun. Here’s how it works:

Sign up online before 3 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 21. At 5 p.m. that Friday, we'll email you the Scavenger Hunt list. Each item on the list has a different point value (a picture of you with a cockroach might be worth 10 points, while a picture of you with the Pope might be worth 10,000 points). Rack up as many points as you can.

You've got until Monday, Oct. 24, at 5 p.m. to submit your pictures online or in person. We'll give instructions on how to do so when we email you.

But first, you can get inspired by looking at last year’s Scavenger Hunt feature, with the 2010 list of items and points, some of the photos from the hunt, and a recap of the winning team’s strategy.