D.I.Y rock before myspace

even Before you were Born

RocknRoll marketing

Way before there was Alibi or NuCity or myspace or facebook or blogs or computer graphics We would make Posters to promote rock shows. We grabbed our letters from cutting out magazine typeSetting to get that Nursery-Block-Ransom Note aesthetic,The rock shows would Rock-OUT spaces like BowWow records after it closed back when it was on AmHerst or some killer-community center in the southValley or clubREC.

Instead of posting your event in everyone's myspace comment section, We would make a flyer and then reduce the flyer into a postCard and then mail it to everyone with handwritten notes like "Hey Sarah, if you come to the Rock-show,then we will cheerfully serve you a fancy Meisterbrau and spike it with PepperMint Schnapps [we called them "mintys"] and introduce you to William Kennedy Smith, one of JFK's cousins"

William Kennedy Smith used to come to our shows until he was outed. William Kennedy Smith was in ABQ at the time because he was attending UNM Medical school and he had been accused of some sex crimes but I think he was cleared

Indiethings took time and there was a UniFying charm
about planning an event, The protocol for putting the bill together was like, hey, I know someone with a PA, hey I know someone with a warehouse, hey I know this guy whos band kicks ass, hey I know someone who works at KINKOS, etc

Once Judson Frondorf [cracks in the sidewalk frontman] commented, "Fuckin' Jon Little, Damn Man, I've never seen anyone spend more time on a flyer and then just to have it look so shitty and unappealing...ouch"

Oh yes, you will all hear about "Black Flag" at Casa Armijo, "Jerrys Kids" blowing the Minutemen off the stage at ClubREC, Cracks in the SideWalk and SoundGarden at Atomic Theatre, Nirvana at the Rockin TeePee [santafe]and many other mischievous hiJinx & wacky madCap memories,Like the Night where one "AlluCanEat" member broke into BO Long afterHours is probably one of the best stories of the BurQue UnderGround REVENGE-Pranks attact COPS and we will trace this dysFunction all the way to El Paso where Vince Johnson jumps to his death from the UNION Fashion building, and yes all this is linked somehow I promise.