Event Horizon

Crawlin' with Zombies

Zombie Krawl • Blue Sunshine • Burque Sol • Saywut • Deja • Cabaret Audacity • Black Widow Cabal

Start Halloween month off with the living dead. The 2015 Albuquerque Zombie Krawl begins at noon with a pre-party at Shade Tree Customs (3407 Central NE) where you can obtain $10 Zombie Krawl wristbands for a discounted $5 (if you donate two books to families in need).

Later that night smear your best zombie makeup on and head Downtown for Mushi Tesser at Adieux Cafe from 7 to 7:45pm, Blood and Gutts at Burt's Tiki Lounge from 8 to 8:45pm, Saywut at Stereo Bar from 9:00 to 9:45pm and Deja at Effex from 10 to 10:45pm. Then shamble over to Sister Bar starting at 11pm for an erotic cabaret featuring Black Widow Cabal. Or head up to Guild Cinema, where Alibi Midnight Movies will be screening George Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead at 10:30pm. Shade Tree Customs and Cafe • Fri Oct 2 • Noon • $10-$15 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar