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Are You Epic-Curious?

Thursday, Nov 12: Epic and Friends Part 5 • dance, electronic


Epic and Friends (Part 5!) is hosting a free and prodigious dance party on Thursday, Nov. 12, at Effex Nightclub. The DJs set to play are Dansen Dansen, Connie Blyde, Chris De Jesus, Pezz and Orpheus Digital. Encompassing all subgenres of electronic dance music, the variety will be epic.

Expect everything from deep house to electro to trap. Epic and Friends cater to local crowds and focus on showcasing excellent local DJs and producers. So call in to work and tell them you'll be a little late on Friday because you have a dance fever that won't be cured until late Thursday night. Effex • Thu Nov 12 • 9pm • FREE • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar