Baroque? You Can Afford This!

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Baroque? You Can Afford This!

Chatter Sunday: Baroque Gems + Contemporary Works

Wikimedia commons, photographer unknown

Among other wonders, the Duke City is noted for having more than its fair share of deftly talented musicians living amidst the high desert scrub, calling this place home. In particular, there are some damn fine violinists here. On Sunday, Nov. 22, Chatter ABQ provides insight into that assertion with a performance featuring Burqueno violinists David Felberg and Michael Shu. Felberg helped bring Chatter ABQ to fruition a few years back; Shu runs a Suzuki studio at Robertson and Sons Violin Shop.

They'll be performing four pieces that, taken together, form a series of colorful contrasts and musical juxtapositions. Two works by Baroque composer Heinrich Biber begin and end the recital. Harmonia Artificio in D Minor and Harmonia Artificio in A Major rely on alternate tunings—called scordatura—to change the harmonics of the violin. Two beautifully discordant works from the modern and postmodern eras, Olivier Messiaen's Theme and Variations for Violin and Piano and Caleb Burhan's Walk Through the Valley of Dead Flowers, for Violin and Tape make up the program's lofty midsection. Poet Liza Wolff-Francis begins the morning proceedings. Tickets range from $5-15. Las Puertas • Sun Nov 22 • 10:30-11:30am • $5-$15 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar