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Adios O Christmas Tree

Saturday, Jan 2: Treecycling


So Christmas is over and now your festive tree looks rather morbid and pine needles are littering your floors. You can just leave it there until March or until it eventually catches fire, whichever comes first. Or you can recycle it at Treecycling and even collect the wood chips for mulch for all of your spring garden plans.

PNM along with the Solid Waste Management Department and Parks and Recreation will recycle your live trees and Christmas lights for free starting on Saturday, Jan. 2, through Jan. 10 from 8am-5pm at three convenient locations: Montessa Park Convenience Center, Eagle Rock Convenience Center and Ladera Golf Course. Wood chips are first come first serve. Eagle Rock Convenience Center • Sat Jan 2 • 8am-5pm • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar