Event Horizon

Return of the Snowflake

Friday, Jan 8: Star Wars Snow Flakes


Believe it or not it's not too late to make decorations. Sure Christmas is over but Christmas doesn't have a monopoly on snowflakes. Snowflakes will keep happening all winter, and there's no reason not to decorate your house with them. If you think that snowflakes are a bit simple, a bit basic, then I have got a fun twist for you.

The Erna Fergusson Library is hosting a snowflake making class, and the snowflakes will be Star Wars themed. A few simple snips in a specially folded piece of paper and you get a depiction of something from a galaxy far, far away. Erna Fergusson Library • Fri Jan 8 • 4-5pm • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar