Event Horizon

The King is in the Building

Friday, Jan 8: The World's Ultimate Elvis: Justin Shandor

courtesy of the artist

Elvis is the king. Elvis has a posse. Many of them look and sound surprising like the dude, too. Since the death of the high lord of rocanrol nearly 40 years ago, his cult has waxed, waned and then, much like the singer himself in latter days, grown back thick and formidable like a winter plant warmed by greenhouse glass and fed with a nutritious combination of nostalgia, shaking hips and a snarly sneer. Anyway, Elvis impersonators also rise and fall.

Next in line for the throne is Justin Shandor, who bills himself as the "Ultimate Elvis". He gained the title under the auspices of the King's representatives themselves: In 2010, Elvis Presley Enterprises (the folks that run Graceland in his holiness' absence) named Shandor the number one Elvis tribute entity in the world. Shandor's on tour with an impressively learned 10-piece band, at least a few white sequined jump suits and a repertoire that knowingly spans Elvis' storied career. He'll demonstrate his prowess portraying Presley on Friday, Jan. 8, at 8pm. Admission ranges between $15-25. Isleta Resort & Casino: The Showroom • Fri Jan 8 • 8pm • $15-$25 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar