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Punk Ass Girlfriends

Saturday, Feb 6: Russian Girlfriends • rock, punk • Leeches of Lore • stoner rock, psychedelic • Hanta • stoner rock • The Talking Hours

courtesy of the band

Russian Girlfriends, a popular local pop-punk outfit that lovingly and somewhat esoterically takes their musical cues from progenitors of the genre like Descendents and Hüsker Dü—while adding the desert nuance and mystery of New Mexico to their quite awesome sound—are preparing to tour the Southern lands as a precursor to their new mission to conquer the US. The band (Ian Jarrell, Adam Hooks, Jeremy Keith, Colin Dowell and Sasha Horn) begin their tour right here in Burque at Launchpad on Saturday, Feb. 6, before heading to El Paso and points east and south.

Leeches of Lore, Hanta and The Talking Hours will provide support for a performance that Girlfriends' frontman Adam Hooks said will be fierce and fun for folks. As for touring their way to success, Hooks added, "The more you get out there, the more you tour, the more people take notice; it builds both one's fan-base and the band's credibility." So take the opportunity to check out one of this town's rocking-est quintets as they build their road to the future.  Launchpad • Sat Feb 6 • 9:30pm • View on Alibi calendar