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Thursday, Feb 25: Burque Women of the World Fundraiser

Mercedez Holtry via Facebook

The 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam happens next month in Brooklyn. Why not help send some of the finest poets in ABQ to show those snobby East Coast hacks what it's like? Mercedez Holtry and Eva Crispin bring us poetry by donation at Bookworks on Thursday to raise funds for the trip.

Performers include former National Poetry Slam team member Eva Crispin, poetry slam organizer and competitor Katrina Guarascio, former WOWPS rep Brooke Von Blomberg and WOWPS and National Poetry Slam champion Jessica Helen Lopez. There's a suggested donation of $5, but I highly doubt anyone will be sad if you bring more. Bookworks • Thu Feb 25 • 6-11pm • Donation • View on Alibi calendar