Event Horizon

Nerd Grooming

Sunday, Feb 28: Geekon


When did nerds become cool, and why wasn't this a thing when I was in high school? A cute girl in an "I Heart Nerds" tee would have seemed like a mean-spirited joke when I was 15, but here we are: It's 2016 and there are three dweeby bloggers on the Glamour 100 Sexiest Men list. But geeking doesn't come easy, and you don't just accidentally fall into it. It takes cultivation, perseverance and a strict regimen of video games and beer.

Sister is training the next generation of sexy nerds right under our noses at the Geekon pinball and arcade tournament. It's $10 to enter the tournament. But the contestant's won't be having all the fun: All games will be on free play. Entry for non-combatants is $5. Doors open at 5pm. Sister • Sun Feb 28 • 6pm • $5-$15 • View on Alibi calendar