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Workin' Women

Thursday, Mar 10: Harvey Girls: Opportunity Bound


In part with Women and Creativity month, filmmaker Katrina Parks and author Carolyn Meyer will be giving a presentation about the Harvey Girls at 516 Arts. Who were the Harvey Girls, you ask? They're commonly known as the women who "tamed" the West.

The main ingredient for this historical stew will be the history of women in the workforce (duh) but the talk will be based on how the Harvey Girls contributed to the development of New Mexico and how that relates to women's issues today like migration, revitalization and place making. That's all you're getting outta me, though. I don't gotta do shit for you, I'm not a Harvey Girl. 516 ARTS • Thu Mar 10 • 6-8pm • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar