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Saturday, Mar 12: Star Party with The Albuquerque Astronomical Society


I didn't see too many stars growing up on the dirty south coast. (Unless you count the time I told a stranger that beards went out with ethics and steam engines. I fully deserved that punch to the face. Wherever you are friend, I'm sorry.) Coming to New Mexico was like moving to the top of the world—you could reach right up and get a first-degree burn from one of those pretty little balls of fire and gas.

The Albuquerque Astronomical Society is celebrating our starscape with a public star party the day before Daylight Savings Time. Featuring a star wheel activity in the lobby, a screening of Neil deGrasse Tyson's "Cosmos" in the media room and TAAS telescopes of all sizes and types on the east back patio. Featured speaker, Barry Spletzer, will give a talk on "The Science of Astrology" in the Kiva conference room at 7pm. The event is free and open to any star-crazy astro-freaks out there looking for a good time. Open Space Visitor Center • Sat Mar 12 • 7-8pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar