Event Horizon

Off the Wagon, Into the Cocoa

Saturday, Mar 19: Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest


According to my sponsor, I will not be going to the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest. Too many triggers. Instead, I will be sitting at home, alone on the bathroom floor, crying into a salad and trying to astrally project myself out of my body and into a realm where rivers flow with java and the trees are nougat-filled (with cacao bark). At least, that's how I'm picturing it going down this weekend at the Manuel Lujan Building at Expo NM.

Coffee seminars, live music, chocolate eating contests, cow milking demonstrations, baking contests. Just thinking about it is testing my mettle. Adult tickets are $10 (or $15 for a weekend pass), kids 4 to 12 are $2 and children under 3 get in free. Parking is $5. I mean, one little taste won't kill me, right? Manuel Lujan Building @ Expo NM • Sat Mar 19 • 10am-6pm • $0-$15 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar