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Thursday, Apr 21: Nicolatron • electronic, house • Coco Tsosie • Pezz • progessive electro • Sumsubstance

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Drum and bass roll, please! The first of a new musical series called Lady Bass showcasing a variety of incredibly talented DJs begins the night of April 21 at Sister. The artists of the night include Sumsubstance, Pezz, Coco Tsosie and the wonderful Nicolatron. Nicolatron has opened for a ton of impressive musicians like Feed Me!, Miguel Bastida and CocoRosie to name just a few and plays a vast array of electro-based music including booty bass, nu-disco, garage and "œwhatever the hell else she feels like playing." Put on your highest dancing shoes and wobble on over to dance the night away in an estrogenic-induced sweat. Sister • Thu Apr 21 • 9pm • $3 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar