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Con-con-con-con COOOON

Friday, May 6: Sabaku Con

courtesy of sabakucon.com

The operators of Saboten Con, Con-Nichiwa, Kikori Con and the Arizona Fur Con return to Albuquerque with the annual anime fan convention known as Sabaku Con. The event runs all weekend long with panel discussions, anime screenings, game rooms and, of course, an epic masquerade contest. Whether you're into Japanese animation, comics, music or culture, Sabaku Con has got you covered. Cosplay stars Cara Nicole, Poison Sugar and Kovuu will be there with dress-up tips. Artists Susan Lake and professional panelists Kidd Bowyer and Pathos Prime will be showing off their work. J-pop musicians Hollow Mellow and Kazha will be performing live on stage. Among the voice actors attending this year's con are Brittney Karbowski ("Soul Eater," "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood," "Attack on Titan"), Kyle Hebert ("Bleach, "Naruto", "Dragonball Z") and Maile Flanagan ("Naruto", "Lab Rats," "Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks"). Marriott Pyramid • Fri May 6 • 11am-6pm • $25-$250 • View on Alibi calendar