Event Horizon


Saturday, May 7: OutSpoken Queer Poetry

lowercase letters, ambiguous line breaks or—maybe—excessive dashes. archaic allusions, embarrassing uses of literary devices. fragments. too much or not enough imagery or maybe an absence of punctuation entirely. don't forget to rhyme. You know the rules. Anyone can write poetry, right? Wrong. Jotting down stream-of-consciousness nonsense does not a Bukowski make. It takes a mind well-versed in rhythm and soul to create a poem worth hearing. If you wanna see how it's really done (or show 'em how it's really done) stop by Winning Coffee Co. on Saturday, May 7, for a night of poetry slammin' and open mic. OutSpoken Queer Poetry features queer Xicana poet Tannia Esparza among other self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-questioning poets. Sign-up begins at 5:30pm. The show will be hosted by Erin Northern. Winning Coffee Co. • Sat May 7 • 6pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar