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Hey Bob, Try a Kebab

Saturday, May 7: Albuquerque Turkish Festival

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I challenge for you to a duel of wits. On the count of three, let's both shout out the capital of Turkey. (No peeking at my answer you cheater!) Okay, one, two, three! Ankara! I bet you said Istanbul. If you did, you are incorrect, and if you did say Ankara, well aren't you just a smarty pants. If you're interested in learning even more about Turkey, show up at the Albuquerque Turkish Festival on Saturday, May 7, at the Raindrop Foundation. You'll have the opportunity to sample Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine, see folk dances, hear live music, peruse arts and crafts, and expand your knowledge of this fascinating country with the help of a few well-crafted cultural exhibits. All ages of the public are welcome at this free event from 11am to 7pm. Here's a bonus tip: Do not swirl that Turkish coffee; let it settle and do not drink the grounds. When you're done, invert your cup onto the saucer, and use the ground to tell your fortune! Raindrop Foundation • Sat May 7 • 11am-7pm • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar