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Say 'Chubby Bunny' Five Times Fast

Saturday, May 7: Rabbit Adoption Event

via morguefile

Are you looking for a furry friend, but fear that a dog would be too much work and a cat would be … a jerk? Perhaps an adorable, fluffy bunny would be the optimal option. New Mexico House Rabbit Society is hosting a rabbit adoption event at the Eastside Animal Shelter on Saturday, May 7, from 11am to 3pm. There will also be a Bunny 101 class at 1pm to fill you in on all the precious little details of rabbit care. If you already have a cute little fluff-ball, bring them for a free nail trim as well as a teeth and scent gland check-up. Just imagine spending your summer laying under the golden sun with a handsome bunny named Wally nibbling on the grass next to your ear. Irresistible, right? So hoppity hop on over and find some bunny to love. Eastside Animal Shelter • Sat May 7 • 11am-3pm • View on Alibi calendar