Event Horizon

Package For Mom

Sunday, May 8: Thunder from Down Under

courtesy Australia's Thunder From Down Under's Facebook Page

No, no. Go ahead and send your mom that old flowers-and-card combo. It's not like she carried you for nine, varicose vein-inducing months and squeezed your fat head out of her body. She never had to put up with your squalling terrible twos or listen to your awful high school poetry. I mean, why would she want to experience an Outback fantasy supplied by the chiseled bodies of the Thunder from Down Under performers? It's not like she's a woman with desires. Don't worry. She won't even miss all of those oiled muscles and throbbing bass lines while she re-reads your half-thought-out message written in a hasty scrawl on a cheap greeting card while she knits you another scarf that you won't wear. Stage @ Santa Ana Star, Bernalillo • Sun May 8 • 8pm • $25-$50 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar