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What's New Pussycat?

Saturday, May 14: Feline Fiesta Cat Show

/ Creative Commons

I was disappointed to learn that the Feline Fiesta Cat Show happening this weekend at Expo NM is not about cats dressing up in clothes and walking the runway—I mean, catwalk. It is instead, a weekend of feline-themed fun, including purebred cats and kittens competing to win best in show, cat adoptions, and a venue get your cat questions answered by the experts. Possibly the best part of all? There will be a kitty mall. That phrase evokes images of cats perusing scaled-down stores wearing their kitten heels and knockoff handbags, while strutting Godzilla-style through the corridors. A girl can dream. In reality, the kitty mall will be selling all things for your cat, and even cat-themed jewelry. Litter is provided by it's BYOLB (bring your own litter box), and $4 gets you in the door. School Arts Bldg @ Expo NM • Sat May 14 • 9am-5pm • $1-$4 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar