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Friday, May 20: Bike to Work Day

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This Friday is the city-sponsored automobile obstacle course, "Bike to Work Day." From 6:30 to 8:30am across the city, people who normally drive their trucks to work will pretend to be environmentally conscious while picking up freebies like t-shirts and cycling accessories at "cycle stops." The fulfilling excitement of facing a true challenge awaits participating drivers who will meet out-of-practice and out-of-shape cycling tourists drunk off of a mixture of physical exertion and free stuff. Some of the living speed bumps will be bringing a friend—to receive a prize and an entry into a raffle—to make certain they're good and distracted. The prize for the raffle is a private polar bear tour, courtesy of the ABQ BioPark Zoo (which should take care of any survivors). Greater Albuquerque • Fri May 20 • 6:30-8:30am • FREE • View on Alibi calendar