Event Horizon

Probees Anonymous

Thursday, Jun 30: Roswell UFO Festival

J. Grisham

Hold that thought. I'm getting a message beamed into my mind via the brainstem implant I received the last time I was in Roswell ... Ah. Yes. The Shining Ones tell me that it's time for the annual UFO Festival—the number one UFOlogist and ET-enthusiast gathering this side of the Dog Star—a celebration of all things alien on June 30-July 3. Bring out the whole family (including any extraterrestrial spores or parasites) down to Roswell to enjoy a light parade, alien costume contest, carnival and all sorts of opportunities to meet the "others." No Men in Black, please. International UFO Museum, Roswell • Thu Jun 30 • 10am-6pm • View on Alibi calendar