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Not your Mama's Show and Tell

Thursday, Jul 7: Toy Party: A Sex Toy Tour

Courtesy of Self Serve

Did your parents skip the part about vibrators, dildos and butt plugs in the ol' birds and bees spiel? Goshdarnit!  Well, good thing you have Self Serve to fill in the holes (wink wink, nudge nudge). Stop by the shop on Thursday, July 7, at 7:30pm for Free Toy Party - A Sex Toy Tour, a complimentary, hands-on introduction to Albuquerque's finest bodysafe gadgets and gizmos designed for your carnal pleasures. Self Serve Owner Matie will cover everything from lubrication to electrostimulation in this sex-positive, shame-free environment where questions are welcome and experimentation encouraged. Show and tell never felt so good. Self Serve • Thu Jul 7 • 7:30-9pm • FREE • 18+ • View on Alibi calendar