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Saturday, Jul 23: 2016 IPA Challenge

We may have decided that our time-honored tradition of dropping two IPAs into a pit for a battle to the death is inhumane and immoral, but naming the number one IPA is still a priority on par with fixing world hunger or getting Trump into office. Thankfully, someone has figured out how to name the best IPA without the needless endangerment of beer. On Saturday, July 23 from noon-5pm the 2016 IPA Challenge sees its last stop at Tractor Brewing Company Wells Park where the winner will be announced. If you're over 21, get your ticket now at holdmyticket.com/event/249212 to witness the vicious battle to the top. The ticket also gets you a tasting flight, commemorative pint glass and a complimentary pint fill of your choice from among the IPA Challenge entries. But remember: This is serious. No fun allowed. Tractor Brewing Wells Park • Sat Jul 23 • Noon-5pm • $20 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar