Event Horizon

Hypnotizing Rhymes

Tuesday, Jul 26: EPMD • hip-hop, rap • DJ Ohm

FlySi via Compfight

Well, it's the mellow, the fellow, the one who says hello. Now get ready to wiggle and jiggle like jello, fam, cause I know men with the master plan. Tuesday, July 26, EMPD are gonna jam. At Sister, at 8pm. I know your pulse rate is descending but heart rate is increasing. It's like beam me up, Scotty, they control your body. Prior to the show, they're gonna let go and meet and greet at the smoke shop down the street (Just Urban Smoke Shop at 2211 Central NW). So grab Jane, head into town; I highly recommend this, y'all gots to chill, because it's Strictly Business. Sister • Tue Jul 26 • 8pm • $22 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar