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MuggleWatch 2016

Saturday, Jul 30: Harry Potter Countdown to Midnight Magic Party

Years ago, I thought I'd heard that someone named Harry Potter had died. I'm pretty sure he was some kind of rock and roll star. I never got around to listening to any of his music, but it must have been good because armies of teenage girls would stand in line all night just to hear him play at bookstores. It's weird, though, because apparently he wore glasses and called himself a "wizard," which doesn't exactly sound cool. But who can tell what these kids are into anymore? Not me. Nevertheless, it seems I was mistaken, and the old rocker is alive and well and starring in a play, the script of which will be released this Saturday, July 30. As part of Barnes & Noble's Get Pop-Cultured series of fandom-themed events, a night of fun activities and giveaways starting around 8pm is planned leading up to the midnight release of the script which is called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I guess? Whatever you do with your life after that is completely up to you. Barnes & Noble, Westside • Sat Jul 30 • 8pm-midnight • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar