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Silversun Pickups, a rock band known for expanding the territory once explored by alternative units like My Bloody Valentine, have a show at Burque's Sunshine Theater on Friday, Aug. 19. Members Brian Aubert, Christopher Guanlao, Joe Lester and Nikki Monninger make sounds that—while related to dreamy indie rock and stunning shoegaze—take listeners into the deep realms that arise from awesomely audacious guitar licks and intense studio tinkering. Aubert compares their new recording, Better Nature to a quantum universe, writing recently, "It's weird, we're all digging on it." A Silent Film and Kiev open. Admission to this 13+ rock fantasy is $32 and it all begins at 7pm.  Sunshine Theater • Fri Aug 19 • 7pm • 13+ • View on Alibi calendar