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Youth Against Violence

Saturday, Aug 20: UFC Fight 202: Diaz vs. McGregor Rematch

We are witnesses to the erosion of the threadbare American moral fabric. Sorry. I calls 'em likes I sees 'em. Drugs and internet. That's the problem. Oh. And mixed martial arts (MMA). All those chiseled, dewy, hard bodies pressed against each other while ropy muscles tense at the point where force meets force. It's disgusting. And UFC 202: the Diaz vs. McGregor Rematch promises to shower onlookers with buckets of sex—I'm sorry, I meant, "violence." I am so upset about this that I plan to march down to the Fox and Hound Sports Tavern at 4:30pm, buy a drink and watch the fight while I struggle to repress my … disdain. If I had the stamina, I'd rail on this a bit longer, but it seems to be getting uncomfortably warm in here. Fox and Hound Sports Tavern • Sat Aug 20 • 4:30pm • View on Alibi calendar