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Free Your Hands and Your Mind Will Follow

Monday, Sep 5: 2nd Annual Food-On-A-Stick Festival

One of the earliest forks known to historians was used as a cooking utensil in ancient Egypt. The fork that we all know was introduced to western European dining when the wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II pulled one out at an Imperial banquet in 972. And everything's been going downhill since. The truth is, food was meant to be served on a stick. It allows the diner to have a free hand if the need arises for fisticuffs or a friendly handshake, and (most importantly) frees the mind from all that barbaric hunting and stabbing, giving it the liberty to explore the gentler realms of art and philosophy. Yes, and the 2nd Annual Food On A Stick Festival, hosted at Cliff's Amusement Park this Labor Day, Sept. 5, will be a celebration of learnedness and culture, featuring some of the best foods trucks and bakers in Albuquerque serving up unique "on-a-stick" delicacies. Though if you sample too many goodies, you might want to think thrice before hopping on one of those famous amusement rides. Cliff's Amusement Park • Mon Sep 5 • 11am-6pm • $16-$29 • View on Alibi calendar