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Hit 'em with the High and the Low

Sunday, Oct 9: Palisades

Courtesy of the Palisades Facebook Page

Palisades, a band that's brought together two genres that many people have strong opinions on (dubstep and metalcore, a.k.a. electronicore) has done so well, will be in town Sunday, Oct. 9, at Blue Phoenix Venue. Having been to their last show in town, I can guarantee that they put on an equally energetic and high quality show, which makes sense because after going on over 20 tours in the last four years, they are likely to have nearly perfected their performance technique. These guys just don't quit—or take a break for that matter—and I'm glad they haven't. In addition to the supporting bands It Lives, It Breathes and Darke Complex this is going to be a good fucking time, all for only $8. Doors open at 6pm, and it's likely to be packed so get there on time (or early). Blu Phoenix Venue • Sun Oct 9 • 6pm • $8 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar