Event Horizon


Friday, Oct 14: Sex for the Shy and Awkward

Let me tell you my general process for intended flirting: I stare at a person until they look at me and at that exact moment I look away and pretend they don't exist for as long as I possibly can. Not very effective. When I accidentally flirt with people—if I realize it—I turn red as a beet which isn't cute (but endearing so it occasionally works in my favor). Sound familiar? If so, consider attending "Sex for the Shy and Awkward" at Self Serve, hosted by Cathy Vartuli. Vartuli is a sex positive Emotional Freedom Coach and self-described as shy, just like us! Get ready for a night of awkward (and sympathetic) laughs and weird confidence building. Tickets are $20 per person, and it's recommended to buy them ahead of time at selfservetoys.com. Self Serve • Fri Oct 14 • 8:30-10pm • $20 • 18+ • View on Alibi calendar