Event Horizon

I Want to Believe

Saturday, Oct 15: Mr. Gnome • indie, rock • Leeches of Lore • stoner rock, psychedelic • Italian Rats

Courtesy of the Artist

Mr. Gnome, that is singer guitarist Nicole Barille and percussionist/pianist Sam Meister, bring their profoundly psychedelic prog-rock to Launchpad on Saturday, Oct. 15. Using a deeply crafted sense of melodicism, layered and genuinely giant guitar riffs, hypnotic rhythms and spectral, sometimes other-woldly lyrical themes, Mr. Gnome advanced through the ranks to become one of the last relevant voices in American rocanrol. Oh, and Leeches of Lore, Burque's testament to the fact that some within the genre continue to seek higher ground, provide support. Italian Rats open the night's proceedings by gnawing on your ear, as rodents sometimes do. Admission to this 21+ encounter with the truth is but $8, and afterward, you will believe in the power of the rock. Launchpad • Sat Oct 15 • 9pm • $8 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar