Event Horizon

More Sad Hits From a Blue Earth

Friday, Nov 4: Fortune

Norman Gholson

Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, two-thirds of the seminal indie rock band Galaxie 500—noted among bands of their generation for taking the then-nascent genre from rarified college-radio anomaly to wide spread, pop-cultural influence—have a gig at Burque's Guild Cinema on Friday, Nov. 4. They'll be performing the live soundtrack they wrote for Yang's new silent film, Fortune. 

After the trio split in the early '90s, Damon & Naomi continued as a duo, releasing several critically acclaimed recordings, including 1992's More Sad Hits, the early aught's The Earth is Blue and last year's excellently enigmatic and aforementioned Fortune. The duo continue to command a slow-simmering and subtle brand of psych-rock whose ambient aesthetics lead listeners to a place in space both intimate and grand, much like the dreams from which they descend. And for only 8 bones the audience can tune into one of PoMo's most formidable visual and sonic forces. Guild Cinema • Fri Nov 4 • 10:30pm • View on Alibi calendar