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Lavender Lies

Friday, Nov 25: Lavender Tea Tasting

Here's the deal: My 6-pack has a 12-pack, sometimes I drink too much and wrestle with the boys, and I drink coffee. You will never ever see me wearing a fedora, trench coat, sunglasses and fake mustache while gulping gallons of my (secretly) favorite hot drink at a lavender tea tasting hosted by tea.o.graphy. Oh, look. They happen to be hosting one this Friday, Nov. 25, at the Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm from 11am-2pm. I could try a sampling of their full line of lavender teas and other blends! I definitely did not know about this, and I have not subsisted solely on rice and water for the last week to cleanse my palate. Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm • Fri Nov 25 • 11am-2pm • View on Alibi calendar