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Chatter of Music

Friday, Feb 10: Chatter Late Works

Anthony Collins

loadbang, a chamber quartet from New York City, will be performing twice this weekend as part of two different Chatter ABQ art music concerts. Chatter ABQ, as you may recall, has distinguished itself as producers of some of the more challenging and listenable musical events happening in our burg. Comprised of a four-piece ensemble that features trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet and baritone voice, loadbang and their performances have been called everything from "extra-cool" to "formidable." The group is known for combining classical aesthetics with postmodern execution. On Friday, Feb. 10, at 9pm, the group performs new music, including Quinn Collins' "Nervous Aluminum Rabbit," in conjunction with the Chatter Trio, headed by David Felberg. On Sunday, Feb. 12, at 10:30am, join Loadbang for a sonic sojourn at Chatter Sunday when they play two contemporary works each by composers Reiko Fueting and Taylor Brook, backed by Felberg's Chatter String Orchestra. The Friday concert costs $15 and the Sunday concert is $5-$15. Banque Lofts • Fri Feb 10 • 9pm • $5-$15 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar