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Strong as a Diamond

Saturday, Feb 11: Fire, Stones and the Brilliance of Love: Female Jewelers Panel Discussion

Often, when people think of jewelers, they think of wizened old men with enormous magnifying loupes crouched over velvet cases littered with glittering diamonds. To break that stereotype, Shumakolowa Native Arts is hosting a female jewelers panel discussion titled "Fire, Stones and the Brilliance of Love" on Saturday, Feb. 11, from 5-7pm. The event is free for all-ages and features Native female metalsmiths Liz Wallace (Maidu/Washoe/Navajo), Althea Cajero (Santo Domingo/Acoma), Jennifer Curtis (Navajo) and Glenda Loretto (Jemez) discussing subjects like dealing with the pressures of an often traditional industry, the demanding physicality of forging metal and more. Show up to learn how these creative women are recasting the industry from the inside.  Shumakolowa Native Arts • Sat Feb 11 • 5-7pm • Free • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar