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Dance to Your Soul's Rhythm

Friday, Feb 17: Chispa: Palenke Soultribe

The name of this band is Palenke Soultribe. They are an electro group who make use of Indigenous rhythms, melodies and methodologies to create sound that is technically alluring, emotionally satisfying and damned danceable too. Along with local Latin-fusion fanatics Baracutenga, they'll be gigging at the National Hispanic Culture Center on Friday, Feb. 17. Members Andres F. Erazo (Popa), Juan Diego Borda (Insectosound), Argel Cota and Clodomiro Montes have South American roots and know the canon of Caribbean dance music well enough to take it apart and put it back together in an electronic amalgam that is soulfully interactive with audience members. My favorite recording by this ensemble has a title that says it all. It's called Folkloric Dekonstruktion and has a vibrance that is quite frankly timeless. Hear all of that for yourself by paying between $12-$22 for a fine night of music and dance brought to Burque by the visionary producers responsible for Globalquerque! (August March) National Hispanic Cultural Center • Fri Feb 17 • 8pm • $12-$22 • 13+ • View on Alibi calendar