This Week's Film & TV: Repo Man director Alex Cox interview, Straight to Hell Returns

Reel World: Local indie filmmakers meeting, screenwriting workshop with award-winning writer-director, creepy local-lensed short “SEND” debuts

An interview with Alex Cox, the man behind Repo Man, Sid & Nancy, Straight to Hell, and other cult antiestablishment flicks. He hits Guild Cinema in person this week with a "remix" of 1987's punk rock spaghetti Western Straight to Hell, starring anti-folk-heroes Joe Strummer and The Pogues.

Idiot Box: AMC trades ‘60s ad execs for zombies in “The Walking Dead”

Week in Sloth: astronaut-raping caterpillars in Galaxy of Terror, America’s Cutest Cat, a history of PTSD, Palin’s Alaska and Tina Fey’s Mark Twain Award.