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Ty Takes a Meal

Our weekly photo game


Congratulations to Okeefine for correctly identifying O'Niell's Irish Pub in Nob Hill (and even spelling the name right) from some table-side metalwork. Now, send me a message Okeefine (

A quick reminder of what this contest is all about. See the picture I've posted there? It's of an Albuquerque restaurant. If you are the first one to name it correctly in a comment below, you will be declared Grand Moff PhotoGuesser of the week, and what's more, you'll be eligible for our prize drawing (free Alibi bucks to a local restaurant!) at the end of the month. Not too, shabby eh?

So, get to it! Figure out which restaurant I've been to recently!

One more thing: If you win, I'll be sending a short message to your mail account. Look in the upper right hand corner of the screen; if you're logged in and you've got a message, you'll be notified in that little block of text up there. It's important that you write me back after you've won so that I can notify you if you win the big prize at the end of the month.

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