Ty Takes a Meal

Randomized edition

Congrats to commenter 27eh for identifying Christy Mae's Restaurant from the Tricarico family portrait (it turns out that Christy Mae hasn't been involved in the place for a couple of decades now).

After a month of some seriously top-notch guessing, the moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. I've retrieved the Randomizer 3000 from its secured underground vault, deactivated the incredibly dangerous biological booby traps that prevent it from being misused by unscrupulous randomizers, and entered the PhotoGuesser names into its sophisticated data bank.

Emptyv. LundyJ. Okeefine. 27eh. Who will walk away with the big prize? Close your eyes and picture a swirling array of blinking LED lights, hear the click and hum of a thousand powerful ASIC circuits tabulating the probabilities and reticulating the splines.

*Bing!* It's done. The lovely Geoffrey Plant, Circulation Manager and contributing writer, receives the results:

LUNDYJ! You have won two $10 Alibi Bucks certificates to Mirai Light and Healthy Japanese Cuisine, Sake and Beer!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must deactivate the Randomizer 3000, which involves a team of four technicians, 25 pounds of dry ice and a six pack of beer.