History Lesson

DayBird - February 24th

303 - The first official Roman edict for the persecution of Christians is issued by Roman Emperor Diocletian, incited by Galerius. Lions rejoice.

1786 - Fairy tale collector and younger of the two Grimm brothers, Wilhelm, is born. Tales in the Grimm brothers' collection include "Hansel and Gretel," "Snow White," and "Rumpelstiltskin."

1920 – The Nazi Party is founded.

1942 Battle of Los Angeles: a UFO flying over wartime Los Angeles causes a blackout order and attracts a barrage of anti-aircraft fire. The truth is out there, somewhere.

1942 – Joe Lieberman, American turncoat politician.

1955 – Steve Jobs, is unveiled at Macworld.

1981 – Buckingham Palace announces the engagement of The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. They live happily ever after.

1988 - Supreme Court affirms right to satirize public figures. Previously, Hustler ran a piece parodying Reverend Jerry Falwell's first sexual experience as a drunken, incestuous, childhood encounter with his mother in an outhouse. Rehnquist thought it was hilarious, posted it on his fridge.

1989 – Iranian businessman offers a $3 million bounty for the death of Salman Rushdie. Fatwa, The Satanic Verses, Ayatollah. In 2006, the Iranian state news agency reported that the fatwa will remain in place permanently. It is nice they don’t forget. Apparently, they send him a Valentine’s Day card every year, we’re coming to get you, Barbara.

2008- Cuba's parliament names Raul Castro president, he replaces his brother.